Saturday, March 06, 2010

Bringing Spring Inside

Following the beginning of the week's spring weather, we took a cold turn.

On Thursday, I was around the corner at my friend's house and it started to snow.

It was really, really beautiful.

Stunning, actually.
She let me leave my kids there when I ran to pick up a prescription for Benj's earache. I am always kind of in awe at the world in white after a snowstorm. The way the snow highlights each beautiful branch of a tree. I love trees in the snow. I went inside and pulled out my camera and took a few pictures before loading into the car.

Then, driving home, I stopped in the middle of the road because the sky was so lovely that words don't do it justice.

The weather is like that around here in spring time. One day it might be snowing, and three days later it can be 50+ degrees.

It kept on snowing Thursday night. And Friday morning it just snowed and snowed.

But I shook my fist at the snow and made nests and wrapped twinkle lights around vases and through purple tricot and situated blossom stems and put spring on my mantle anyway.

I know it's on the way.

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