Monday, March 08, 2010

Exploring by the River

I love this picture.
It is a snapshot in time.
While I have definitely had my share of pulling-my-hair-out days, and I'm sure I'll have many more, I have been loving my boys lately.
They say the cutest and funniest things.
They are sweet and sensitive.
They watch out for their sister.
They love me and Scott, and they are always telling me I'm beautiful.
We read stories together and sing songs at night.
We take walks or park outings.
I listen to their sweet, innocent prayers where they tell God exactly what we're doing or what we did yesterday or about the syrup that is on the pancake in front of them.
One night last week (I think?) when I was checking on them before I went to bed, I picked up one of them and got choked up. I was realizing that I am the mother of little BOYS -- no longer babies. And having one of those moments that I think all mothers have when you realize just how quickly the time is going and just how quickly it will be gone -- and you wonder if they will ever know how deeply you care about them.
One of the things that I have been discovering, though, is that even though they grow out of being babies, I am enjoying each new phase -- and loving the independence that comes back into my life too. I enjoy having conversations and discovering things. It is fun to be surrounded by actual people and experience life together. And I'm sure that will continue.
But I love this picture. Because I look at it now and see all my boys --
my husband, and those two crazy lovelies of ours.
And I also know that there will come a day when I look back and see this photo and
I'll remember.
I'll think of all the time we got to spend together.
I'll think of watching them grow up.
I'll think of all the firsts.
I'll think about how much I was needed.
I'll think about how much I loved watching the boys explore with their dad, who has been so good to play and encourage that in them.
I'll think of the joy that was the journey.

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