Friday, April 09, 2010

Why I Laughed This Week

(So these photos really have nothing whatever to do with
this post, but they fit in nicely with the whole theme
of amusement. Weren't they so cute?)
First of all, from this. I laughed outloud.

Also -- being reminded of one of my favorite lines that came from one of my brother-in-laws. They had a cat that kept getting pregnant from other neighborhood cats. Alice was in heat one day, and was, as I recall, rolling around on the floor and making weird noises. My three-year-old niece June asked her dad what Alice was doing. And he responded, "Oh she just wants to go outside and fornicate."

And I was amused the other day. I think it was on Wednesday when I was making strawberry jam. Isaiah had told me that he needed to poop. And then, when I asked him about it a few minutes later (no accidents please), he said something to the effect of, "He's hiding, Mom. That's why he's not coming right now."
Is that what happens?

And one unmentionable bathroom episode from Tuesday night that would embarrass my sister so I'll be kind.

I laughed so hard into the bathroom door trying to stifle it so as not to wake my 16-month-old nephew sleeping in the pack-n-play in my bedroom.
Oh, and I almost forgot. Just this morning I got a good laugh. Today is one of my long-standing (12 years and running) male friend's birthdays. I love him dearly. Scott and I always quote Chevy Chase's Fletch with him. I apologize in advance to any of you who may not have seen Fletch or who may not enjoy it because this will be entirely lost on you. This was hilarious to me because it was so obviously a typo. Funny, funny, funny. At 8:16 am I sent him this text:
"Happy birthday Dr. Rosen Rosen!"
And he said: :-) Where the hell's the records room!?!?!
"If we were drinkers we would gladly take you out for a bloody mary and a steak sandwich."
To which he responded: "And a streak sandwich."
I read his text and laughed outloud. And then responded:
"A streak sandwich would be interesting indeed. LOL!"
And I got this back: Oops.

It feels good to laugh that hard.

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