Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Brushing My Teeth

I guess this will just go to show that being a mother has made me relax on some things. I used to boil my toothbrush if it fell down on the ground by the toilet. Honest. And last night, I really should have been grossed out. But I was tired.
I looked down at my purple toothbrush with toothpaste that Scott had put on it earlier. And I started to brush.
Pretty sure I also brushed with Desitin last night. I remembered finding my toothbrush behind the toilet seat yesterday morning. With the desitin on the bathroom counter above, lid off, almost empty.
I had a slightly different aftertaste than normal after brushing. Decided not to think too long about where or what else they may have scrubbed with that toothbrush.
That's what happens when little people who let me sleep in the morning (bliss!) are up before me making mischief.
It's pretty sweet living with three-year-olds.

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