Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Shout Out for Family Vacations and YouTube

Probably the most significant reason for my long absences in blogging the last several months is that we really haven't had a viable computer. It's been a sort of thing, sitting over there in the corner of the room downstairs. Haven't been able to bother myself with booting it up most of the time because it would take foreeeevverrr to get it to be up and running.

I am convinced it must be sick with viruses.

But we bought another one and hallelujah! How amazing to be able to be up and running in like 2 minutes.

My family is about to return home from Bear Lake, one of my look-forward-to-all-year occasions. I am sad to be leaving tomorrow -- leaving my sisters and their families and our late night (all day) laughs, singing together, playing scrabble and pinochle and lucky dog. Eating really delicious food. Oh so fun. I feel very fortunate to LOVE being with my family. To come away just wishing for more. I love my mother and my sisters. I love their families.

Last year, amid much of the same activities, Sue and Christa got sucked into browsing YouTube into the night. Then they shared this little gem with us the following morning and it would be embarrassing to recount how much we laughed over this Oh. my. gosh. Shout out to Milton Teagle Simmons.

I think this year's most-enjoyed-video would have to be this one.

More cowbell, please.


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