Thursday, August 11, 2011

At the River

This afternoon, the kids biked the river path. I followed them on foot, helping Mia along at times, but mostly just watching them. It was late afternoon and the sun was filtering through the trees. I took pictures of the three of them, but it is already a memory. Maybe I'm a broken record, because sometimes I feel like I often talk about the same things. But the mothering thing feels like a constant give and take. Wanting a freeze frame, and yet somehow exhausted in the perpetual constancy of it all. These pictures will figuratively be those pictures in someone's attic someday. To me, though, it was 4 pm sunshine. Hearing small voices. Watching the joy of new found freedom when you pedal sans training wheels. Taking note of a lower riverbed, with darker soil still there to remind you it was recently higher. The kerplunk kerplunk kerplunk and endless fascination of rocks splashing into the river. Examining large spider webs, with equally large spiders resting there. Being stunned by a snake slithering off the path into the yellow grass.

It feels like fall is peeking around the corner and I'm thrilled. I am by no means ready for cold days, but I oh so love the whole rest of the year starting now. Beautiful fall days and crisp nights. Gorgeous colors in the hills and in my yard. Cider candles. Fires in the fireplace. Conference. Canning. Harvesting. Football games. Holidays.

Love love love love LOVE.

I hope you're excited too.

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