Thursday, September 29, 2011

Remember This, Mom...

Can you see why I love this boy?

These days he is spazzy and sometimes somewhat crazed when he's all wound up (insert: smile), but he is also very tender, very observant, a deep thinker and very sensitive.

Yesterday afternoon, while the kids and I watched Robin Hood, I folded laundry. Through a conversation with a friend, I felt something sad inside of me, a little faint of heart.

And then, randomly, I thought of Isaiah and something he'd told me.

We were out walking the other day, and somehow the discussion turned towards faith. And he said, very matter of fact, "Faith is believing in something."

And what I thought of as a beautiful, simple declaration then, came back to me in a powerful way as I sat there among the clothes. His straightforward, deliberate statement, with all his heart behind it.

It became personal, a small heart note with a string attached to heaven, reminding me of this:

Faith is believing.

Faith isn't always knowing.

Faith is trusting anyway.

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