Friday, September 30, 2011

A Small Endearment

On Wednesday, we were busy in the early afternoon getting another batch of apples ready for sauce.

As soon as I sat down with my knives and the apples and a bag for all the cores, Isaiah and Benji were right there. It was so charming. Isaiah was my self-appointed assistant, putting the apples that had been cut and cored into the pot, and replacing my table space with more apples to cut.

We were talking and the boys were eating apples (look close at the first photo and you'll see Benji has a mouthful).

Round and round we went.

That 45 minutes with my sons was probably the highlight of my day.

I had to crack up at Benji, though. He planted himself in the lion chair and made himself busy. He is such a tender little boy, while at the same time being such a little man's man. After he'd been denied cutting with the paring knife, he whipped out "his knife" (the butter knife he found in the kitchen drawers quite some time ago and labeled his).

The whole rest of the time, he was so busy and focused, cutting with intense concentration and focus, feeling important and big in his own eyes with his task.

Looking at him I just had to chuckle. I guess a boy's gotta be a boy.

It was so darling.

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