Thursday, September 22, 2011

This Little Gal

This morning, this gal had my iPod -- sitting in the cream chair in the front room, laughing and talking away as she talked to someone on the "phone." Then, in her pajamas, she was also busy carrying around my keys and wallet, too. Such a little woman. We got her dressed, fixed her hair, sprayed it with hairspray, and gave her a little spray of perfume too. She fixed herself up with some lipgloss, and we were good to go.

We drove down the street to drop off some produce to a couple of our friends, and then made our way to the grocery store with the windows down and blaring this song. Just listen to it and try not to dance inside. I dare ya. It makes me happy whenever I hear it.

She always wants to be with me, whatever I'm doing. Working in the garden, and she's there, working along. Cooking in the kitchen, and she's there, next to me on the counter, mixing and sampling and putting her finger in for more when my back is turned. She wants to come every week to young women. Perfume and makeup and getting her toes and nails painted and lipgloss. Reading stories and "writing letters" like her brothers. (Just yesterday we were working on numbers and letters and she was showing her knowledge, too, in a very informed sort of way. She made the "t" sound and told me that was what A says.) She's always there and we're the best of pals.

I thought about how I sometimes refer to her as my shadow.

And then I thought about this photo from a few winters back, after a run in the January sunshine. This picture of my shadow, before my Mia's shadow-in-the-flesh came along.

And sometimes I wonder -- what's it gonna be like when this little shadow of mine grows up and moves on, making her own shadow with her own wings? I can't hardly think about how much I'll miss her little hands cuddling my neck, our conversations, or her happy giggle and her sweet little voice. I know that one day I'm going to wake up from this dream, and it's gonna be the best one I ever had.I love this girl.

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