Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recognizing What He Does

(Scott, at mile 26 of his 50-miler in 2008)

Yesterday morning I was busy getting the boys
shuffled off to school.

Drop off.
Clean up.

We had a sick girlie the night before, and it had been a long night.
Poor thing had thrown up three times.
She was in and out of our bed sleeping, and consequently, neither of us slept very well, either.

At 9:42 am I got a text from Scott.
"Wow. What a night. How is she?"
And I said, "Hasn't thrown up but has a fever and runny nose. Looks a bit flushed."
He said, "How are u?"
I responded, "Tired. But tryin to look cute and peppy."
And then he said,
"Well that can't be too hard. You looked that way while sleeping this morning."

And then Mia and I ran some errands last night before Scott's meeting. When I came home, he had both boys in their pjs, toothpaste on all toothbrushes, Mia's jammies laid out, dinner all cleaned up and most of the dishwasher emptied, and he'd taken the boys on a bike ride.

It made me grateful that after all the years we've been together, and all the ups and downs in those years that he still...
Says sweet things to me.
Calls me beautiful.
Compliments me openly and frequently in front of the children.
Is a great dad (his face literally lights up when he sees the kids at the end of the day).
Largely dedicates Saturday to being with the children.
They know they are important to him.
He also announced at dinner last night that he was working on HUGE surprise for all three of them for Christmas, and he wasn't even going to tell me what it was. He was so excited and it's not even Halloween yet.
He is a committed player,
works so hard,
and is helpful, considerate, and contributing.

I'm grateful for all that he does.

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