Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tidy In My Heart

Yesterday I cleaned all afternoon. Vacuumed the house, swept and mopped floors, dusted. I was remembering with a bit of nostalgia those days when I could do it all and have it stay that way for a while. Don't you remember those days too? Ya know, clean the bathrooms and the windows and the kitchen and the vacuuming and the laundry, and it may look the same the next day?? Oh boy, friends. Those days are long gone. I wouldn't trade this busy, happy chaos -- and miss this experience -- to have that again.
But it feels oh so lovely while my house feels so clean just for a while.

While I was vacuuming in the boys' room I was thinking about the cobwebs in my heart, about cleaning where it really counts. I found myself pondering how my heart has felt lighter the past couple weeks as I've focused more on relationships, particularly with my husband. And now also thinking about it in the context of my mothering.
I thought specifically of this sentence that came from this talk in 1994:
Examine your demands on others.

I think that is what has been different. I've been focused a lot on looking outward and have felt a deeper sense of peace and conviction.

Pres. Hunter talks about other things:

Be Gentle
Be Kind
Try to Understand
Laugh a little MORE
Express your gratitude
Think first of someone else
Speak your love
Build Trust
Gladden the Heart of a Child

I think these are all prescriptions for a happy, healthy, spiritual heart.

I certainly have thoughts that need to be redirected or turned out of the guest house entirely.
Motives that could use some evaluating -- and elevating.
Words and tone that need to be softer sometimes.
More snuggling, warmth, laughter, expressions of love, tears, affection and tenderness.

These feel so good, so cleansing and renewing. That is evidence enough of their virtue and verity.

I want to be tidy in my heart.

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