Thursday, October 06, 2011


Yesterday afternoon it was wet and rainy outside.

The kids had gone down for a nap and I was hunkered down in my bed, under my covers, curled up with my book. My eyelids were getting sleepy and I was about ready to crash, too.

I heard a knocking at the door and decided not to get up because I was ready to go to sleep. Then I heard the sound of my mailbox opening and a ker-thunk drop down inside.

Well, then I had to get up.

I found a book in my mailbox from a sweet friend. While she was recently rereading this book for the fourth time, she had thought of me. She bought me a copy, tucked a note inside, and dropped it off for no reason at all.

It made my day.

And she prompted my to-do list today. To make someone else's day today, for no reason at all.

You wanna do it too?

(And I must add a postscript to my last post. The tweeking on the muffins I was going to do? Tweek the spices. If you decide to try those muffins, I would only lightly sprinkle some cloves and nutmeg so the cloves don't come off as strong. Or, just use 1/4 tsp of allspice OR pumpkin pie spice (one or the other) instead, and don't use the cloves and nutmeg at all.)

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