Thursday, October 06, 2011

Oh the Weather Outside Was Frosty...

Yesterday it snowed.

Taking the kids to school it was CHILLY, and I was feeling so not ready for this.

I know I've been singing praises for fall, but I'm really not ready for snow on October the 6th.
Give me about 5-6 more weeks and then I'll want it bad.

So while I was not too thrilled, Mia and I case lot shopped during the boys' time at school. After picking them up we put everything away and then I made peach pie.

It was bonafide snowing.
The boys bedecked themselves in snow suits, and asked for Bing Crosby's "Frosty the Snowman" since "it's getting like winter outside, Mom."

We drank hot chocolate and read The Night Before Christmas as part of our 50-minute-reading-storybooks-together-on-the-couch session.We ate hot soup for dinner. I love hot soup on a cold night. And it started to look like this outside afterward. Cold.
And at bedtime, when my dad stopped by and was talking to Mia as he tucked her in, she was discussing putting up the Christmas tree and outside lights, with mention that he needed to be there.

Christmas is on their minds.
They must be my kids.

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