Friday, November 18, 2011

Late At Night

Book group was so fun last night.  
I _LOVE_ the women I live around.
I love our neighborhood.
I love talking and laughing.
Having friends is such a wonderful thing.

After everyone left, I talked to a friend on the phone til way late.
We understand each other.
We're on the same wavelength in so many ways.
I love friends like that.

Then I got off the phone and talked to Scott for another 40 minutes or something.
Finally decided it was time to crash.
I was heading back to the kitchen for something at about 12:40 and something,
and thought I saw a little shape on the stairs.
Was I seeing something, or was somebody there?
I turned on the light and there was our sweet Mia, curled up about halfway down.

She came up.
She crawled in bed between us. 
The three of us talked for a little bit.
She's adorable.

I lay between her and Scott, knowing I wouldn't be able to sleep until she was back in her bed because of how we were all positioned.
But I watched her eyes in the dark.
I thought of my night watching as a little girl.
We lived on a busy street and the lights from the cars would scale across the walls and I would watch them travel across the sky of my bedroom's ceiling.
I watched her eyes looking around, start drifting downward. 
Then she turned and looked at me in the dark, locked with my eyes, and smiled at me.
She turned her head to the side and her cheeks and little face were nestled right against mine with her eyes closed.

I love moments like this.

(Weekend plans include: friends for dinner, Christmas choir rehearsal, putting up Christmas lights and having something warm and yummy afterwards because it's supposed to be snowing.  Church.  And Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom's.
Go ahead, twist my arm.
Pretty sure I don't mind having that meal twice.)

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