Thursday, November 17, 2011

Making Music

The other night we turned around and there was Mia, like this.
She had the pan on her head and was playing it with a spoon, swaying her hips side to side.
This is my favorite shot: her little profile -- nose, cheek, lip and chin.
Just as cute as she's always been.

It reminded me of this storybook my mother read to us as children, and all of us still talk about it and want our own copy. In the wedding procession, there are tin pan bangers. Mia would have fit right in.
Today I am going to carve out time to spend time
with the kids and do what they want to do.
I'm going to make fresh bread.
Make some soup or lasagna.
Maybe rake leaves out in the front yard.
Get out and enjoy the last of the sunshine before it snows this weekend.
Clean bathrooms.
And get ready for book club tonight (that's why we're cleaning the bathrooms). Ahem.

We are discussing this book, an incredible WWII biography.
It was so gripping and inspiring.
I love good books.

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