Friday, December 23, 2011

December the 23rd

This morning I could hear Benji at the bottom of the stairs singing,
"Bring me flesh and bring me wine!" and then humming the rest of that Good King Wenceslas line because he didn't know the words.

It was kind of cracking me up.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.
I spent the morning running around doing the last of the shopping:
a bit for stockings, some for Christmas breakfast, tape for wrapping, etc.

Then picked up my kids and chatted with my good friends, and had some good laughs.
I love living in a neighborhood where I feel surrounded by family, and where there are people here that I know have my back.

It truly is a blessing beyond something I can express.

Tomorrow morning we will be up for a delish breakfast while tuning into THIS.
This is how we always begin our Christmas celebrating.

Love love love.

Then we'll head up the canyon to spend the rest of the day with Scott's family and I'm bringing the rolls.

Back home to stuff stockings and tuck in and revel in that magical expectancy that is Christmas Eve night.

Organ playing and I plan to bust my girdle with letting those pipes sing praises on Christmas morning at church.

Then, ya know.  Stockings and presents and I'm gonna make quiche for our breakfast brunch.

Off to holiday dinner and lots of time with more family.

I so love this time of year.

This is my favorite holiday, by far.  

But it's because I feel deeply in my heart the true meaning of the season.
My heart resonates with the message of the Christ child.
I am grateful He came.
I am more grateful that He did what He said He would do.

I know this.

I rejoice, and then rejoice again.
Exuberantly and quietly, in profound awe and gratitude.

I'm wishing you...

for your Christmas.

May your festivities be merry and bright.

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