Thursday, December 22, 2011

This Morning...

Do you think anyone's excited about Christmas around here?
We all are.
This breakfast.
So glad to have a camera to capture the Christmas excitement this weekend.

Are you ready...only 3 days away!!

On Sunday night, we were at a community Christmas program.
The readings were from Nikki Grimes' book Voices of Christmas.

I loved all the readings, but this one was last, and I love the introspection it prompts.
It is titled You.

"And who are you?
Not an angel, no.
Nor Herod.
But perhaps you are
a magi, mapping the miracle
on a chart of stars;
a shepherd
trading sheep
for a chance to seek
a golden child
in swaddling clothes;
a Simeon
who has hoped for a lifetime
to find the one called
Emmanuel, God with us.
Or are you like Mary,
prayerfully waiting
for the King of Kings
to be born in you?
Well, He is here!
Sing! Sing 'O, Holy Night.'
Run toward His Light!"

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