Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Wednesday

The frenzy of the holidays is almost over.
I've had a great time.

But I'm ready to sleep again.
Oh, and read.

And stop running around and spend time with my kids.

I am trying to remember that today.

Got out of bed.
After snuggling for a long while with Mia, again.
(She was there when I woke up.)

She proceeded to talk to me for a long while about things.
I do remember something about princesses. 
(I was still a bit foggy.)

Yesterday morning she made me laugh because she was telling me that her new baby she got from Papa for Christmas, who she named Eliza, was in the United State.

And that she was teaching princesses to dance.

I love hearing snippets of our conversations come back out of Mia's mouth in such a way that says she absorbed the vocabulary, but is still trying it on for meaning and size.

We made pancakes and banana shake.
Did reading lessons and I worked hard on having patience as they are learning.

If I am flustered, it isn't positive for them and then it becomes this equation:

Reading = Not Fun.

We had success today.

Read stories.
Now we're headed out to try out their sweet new bikes.

Hope you have a great Wednesday.

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