Thursday, February 02, 2012

Festive, with Gusto

Do you know what has tickled me since Monday?
It makes me want to laugh, or I find that just the thought of it makes a shameless grin take residence on my lips.

Listening to our little people singing this.
The kids (especially the boys) are enamored with it.
I'll paint you a picture with words:

Monday night.
Dinner is done.
Scott is cleaning up and washing dishes like he always does (insert: thank you, i love this).
I told them I bet I could find Good King Wenceslas in the Readers Digest Christmas Songbook, at home on our piano bench.
I began to play and they flurried to get their "songbooks" and chairs and sang out, richly, "Good King Wenceslas looked out, on the feast of Stephen."

Then we proceeded through the next three lines of the first verse and all the other four verses, phrase by phrase.  I would stop, say the phrase loudly so they would know what to sing for the next line, and then play it with gusto.

And their little voices and lungs kept time and tune.

We sung it again.

And I think we've sung it every day since, including this morning.
Loud, with umph.

(I can't help but remember this.)

It is good medicine for my heart.

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