Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yet Another Extolling of Butter

Yesterday we finally did our liquid to solid discussion.
I've been so excited about this and thought we'd do it Monday and it didn't happen.
And Tuesday, well.  It was busy.
Yesterday morning we got up.  The boys did reading and writing.
I am so proud of them.  They are really coming along!
We ate lunch and they got to benefit from their valentine gift from Mr. C. and I (a big bag of Sour Cream & Cheddar potato chips).  These are a real treat around here.  I rarely buy stuff like that, and they were so stoked!
Then we read this book.  I wanted to find a book on making butter, specifically how they used to do it down home on the farm with a butter churn.  (I think youtube might be my friend for this request.)
I told them that if I had my way, I'd love to have a cow and have fresh milk and fresh butter sans pasteurization.  Oh, and chickens.  And a lot of other things.  I think that is the healthiest option available, really.  One of my fave reads from last year was this book.  I was so inspired and love all of the things she talks about.  Growing your food.  Being connected to the whole process.  Eating local.  Sans pesticides.  Building a community.  Love, love, love, love, LOVE. I really can't say enough good about it.

(One of my wishes?  If we ever own more land to accommodate a cow and chickens etc, maybe I'll convince Mr. C. to jump on board.)


We dumped cream into a jar and started the shake-uh shake-uh shake-uh.
We took turns, passing it around.
We talked about liquids and solids.
I was so surprised at how quickly it changes from what looks like a more dense form of whipping cream to butter, surrounded by whey.  
My gosh!  
It was literally one second to the next.  Funky clump of something in there, frantic shaking, and then whey and a large clump of butter.  
So fun!
We spread it on crackers. 
It was yummy.
My next endeavor is to go tour a dairy, and learn to make cheese from scratch.
AND get the kids in on the project.
And dream about my own Guernsey.
Oh, and ya know, a few cluck clucks for my backyard.

It's one of my dreams.

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