Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Family Valentine

Love Day
February 14, 2012 at our house
 We found these messages on the back door when we got out of bed.  A note for the whole family, and then a small message to each one of us individually from Mr. C.
 For breakfast, we made cinnamon oat pancakes and then cut out either cupid or heart shapes.
We made heart sugar cookies and delivered some valentines.  We went to pick up our balloons and a fancy BBQ sauce to go with Mr. C.'s gift.
When we got home, we played love songs from the iPod while getting the table set up.
(tulips Mr. C. gave me on February 13th)
I lit the mantle.  
The children were super anxious about the whole deal.  I had them bring the love boxes in and put them in front of the fireplace.
They were excited about making "Christmas juice" for special occasions (cran-raspberry juice mixed with Sprite or 7Up).
After dinner we dumped the contents of our boxes and read the children their notes.  They ripped open their candy necklaces.  

My favorite gift?  A print of this painting that I love.  He didn't know that this painting hung in my house growing up (it's upstairs where you don't see it much) and that it has special significance to me.
He just said it spoke to him as being something I would like.
I heart! poppies.  
Seriously.  LOVE them.
And he said it looked like something where that would be Mia and I walking in a field of flowers.
I'm so excited to put it in a frame and hang it up!

After dinner, we finished a chapter of Summer of the Monkeys.
Got the kids in bed.  Finished cleaning up.
Then Mr. C. and I talked for quite a while -- everything from parenting to politics to consumerism, obsolescence and advertising.

Then we watched a couple of episodes of this until it was beyond late.
We are so hooked!

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