Monday, March 12, 2012

12th of March

It is so beautiful out today.
We worked around the table this morning -- the boys on spelling and writing and reading; Mia on A, B, C and D -- but mostly cutting up paper into lots of pieces.
We're learning the suffixes -ang, -ung, -ing, and -ong.
Almost there.  Practiced blending them together today into sung, song, ring, rang, etc.

They are down for a rest now and I've been straightening up.
Windows are cracked open throughout the house, and the french doors are open and fresh air and sunshine are streaming in.  I washed up the table from lunch, swept up all of Mimi's cut pieces, put things back in place.
It's a typical day around here.  Going to fold a ginormous! pile of laundry right now.
Put dinner in the crock pot -- chicken we'll shred later for yummy salads.
I want to go for a run and let the sunshine kiss my face, invigorate my limbs.
Oh I am loving you!

Last night we had dinner: pasta tossed with sauteed vegetables and fresh feta with roasted asparagus.  After cleaning up we gathered round to read Summer of the Monkeys.  It was so cute.  Mia was out in about 5 minutes after we began reading, sound asleep in her daddy's lap.
The rest of us ended up reading 42 pages together and finishing the book.  Benji cried and said he wanted to read it again, that it was his favorite -- and that he's been thinking about the Jimbo monkey for weeks and weeks. 
We talked about how, very soon, the boys will be able to read their own books after we read at night.  I told them about being a young girl, having a story with my mom, and then tucking into my own bed with my lamp and a good book and reading away.
We talked about what we'll read next -- and other books we want to read in general.

Huck Finn
Tom Sawyer
The Hobbit
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Harry Potter series
The Little House on the Prairie series
The Secret Garden
Moccasin Trail
Goodnight, Mr. Tom
The Littles
And on and on...

What were your childhood favorites?  Please add to our list!
I love all the adventures waiting for them between future pages.

But right now?  This sunshine is glorious.
I found these pictures of the backyard from June last year.
See my cluster of little people over there in the corner?
They're digging.  Isaiah is in king getup, Benji is at home in the dirt, and Mia's in dress-up form too.  
This is a happy sight for me.
And the garden.  When it was an infant, just a month or so after planting.
Summer, summer, here we come!
It's a good life.

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