Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Singing in the Night

I've been dusting off an old favorite: a Brahms intermezzo, trying to get it back into my fingers again.
I feel like I've forgotten a past love affair that never died. 
Such beautiful music.

But, but, but.
Last week I pulled the guitar out and started singing this in the 10:00 p.m. darkness.
I resolved to sing it to Mia the next night at bedtime, which I didn't do.
But, last night.

I stayed up way too late reading this delicious something with Scott fast asleep next to me.
At one point I looked over at his back and listened to him breathe.  
I reached over and rubbed his shoulder and his head for a few moments.
I've been feeling lots of gratitude for how hard he works and what he makes possible for us, all without complaining.  AND while still being a patient Dad and good to me.

I finally turned out the light at 12 something and got ready to sleep.
Toward the end of my prayer I heard crying downstairs and went down to find Mimi scared in her bed.
I took her to go potty and then took her back to bed and tucked her in.
I rubbed her head and brushed her hair away from her face and started singing her that song.

When I came out, I peeped in at the boys like I always do before sleep.

I thanked God in my heart for simple moments like this:
snuggling my baby girl, singing in the stillness, comforting against the night.

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