Monday, March 26, 2012

A Beautiful Day

I was surrounded by community and relationships and love.
A good friend came over to impart his wisdom on pruning.  We attempted recovery on our sad little apple tree in the backyard.  Pruned off several branches from other trees.

I was outside essentially from 9:15 in the morning until about 4:45 in the afternoon.
We worked in our yard all day: cleaning up, raking out the dead leaves, making room for Spring's sunshine to reach into the soil.  It felt lovely.
But my favorite part?  Working alongside Mr. C.
We cleared out a huge junk pile of wood from the back corner of our yard.
Side by side, we threw piece by piece into our friend's trailer.  
When I asked him what time his guitar lesson was, he told me he'd cancelled it.
When he left to go to the dump to get rid of our first load of wood, I realized what that meant.  He had cancelled his lesson (without me knowing) to get work in the yard done that he knew meant a lot to me.  
That's love.
The kids woke up from their nap and came out as we loaded the second (and final) trailer load.

My picture memory?
Our family together, late afternoon, discussing the landscape of this piece of ground.
Working together.
Talking together.
Living simply.

These are big goals of mine.

But then?

My sweet dad watched the kids and we went on a date.
We showered our sun-kissed skin and dusty hair and got smelling better.
Mr. C. said, "That's right, boys...she's my beautiful wife."
We went to dinner.
Tried the art museum but it was closed.
So, we strolled through a few stores, spending the longest in Williams-Sonoma oogling over things we'd love to buy, food we want to make, gorgeous pasta bowls and beautiful cutting boards, pink grapefruit candles (YUM), recipes, oven mitts, odd-sized measuring cups, grilling tools and bbq sauces.  We lost ourselves in there.
I love being with him.
I know he's got my back.
He is my friend of friends.

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