Monday, March 05, 2012


It is gorgeous out today!
My heart feels light.
I let the kids go out to play instead of insisting on school this morning.  They wanted to get out in the sun and warmer temps, and I don't blame them.
We can read and write in the afternoon.
Speaking of which, the boys have journals.  
I have them think about something from the weekend or day previous that we did. 
 Sometimes Benji wants to just write about his "baby" (Mr. Bear) or Isaiah will request to write something about queens or treasure, and that's okay too.
And then we write a few sentences about it.
 After writing, I have them draw a picture about what they wrote.

This one has been my favorite, by far, of all the results.
It comes from our Isaiah.
See the above pic where Isaiah is writing that he likes to cook?
This was his drawing.
I love it so much.
It's me and him, cooking together.  
When I asked him about it, he started pointing to all the colored objects and telling me what they were.  I couldn't resist.  
I grabbed my pen and started notating.
The big yellow squash.
A green zucchini.
An orange carrot.
Brown bread.
Pink ham.
A red tomato.
A green pea.
A yellow egg.
A string of licorice.
And some water.

And my favorite thing?  His caption, which you can see in my writing at the top:

"And they're sharing the same cooking pot together on a Christmas night."


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