Friday, March 16, 2012

Juuuust Lovely

We had my dad and some friends down a couple weekends ago for dinner.
After soup, salad, homemade artisan bread and bubbly, we sat down to visit by the fire.
Later we enjoyed homemade vanilla ice cream with warm berry sauce on top with squares of dark chocolate.

The evening got late and as we kept talking a little visitor came up the stairs.
He nestled in on Papa's lap and was happy listening to the conversation.

On the way down that evening my Dad had been listening to The Prairie Home Companion on the radio.  The show had been all about dumb jokes.

He had shared one at the table with us, but I missed the second one between Dad, Wally and Benji -- because Scott, Marilyn and I were talking over on the couch.
Dad said that when he told it to Wally, our little Benji just erupted into laughter, giggling heartily.
I guess he got it.

Q: Why do farts stink so bad?
A: So that deaf people can enjoy them too.

Dad told us about it after they'd left and we chuckled.  But. Benji not only chuckled, but went to bed bringing it up every few minutes in utter amusement.  Couldn't wait to tell Isaiah about it in the morning.

And, sure enough, I heard talking quite early, when it was still dark.
I went down to tell them to be quiet, and found Benji on the top bunk where he'd awakened Isaiah, both of them giggling.
I walked in and he said something like, "Mom, do you remember about the fart...".

 First thing he remembered when his internal alarm woke him up.

I may not be a super fan of the fart word, but it has been super amusing to watch how funny he thinks that joke is.
Bodily functions are now super humorous to these two.

Juuuuust lovely.
I love living with five-year-old boys.

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