Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter fun

Last weekend we gathered for a barbeque and Easter egg hunt for the kiddos.
I look forward to this each year -- and the kids anticipated all week.
Even though Nana's far away she funded the party (I love you, Mom).

A few photos...
A purple something in the chives
Bees humming lively in these cherry (and cheery) blossoms.
I've never heard anything like it.
The tree was literally swarming and the buzzing was amazing.
Waiting for the go ahead
Bursting thru the door and off they go -- oh so eager!
Finding treasures
Gathering loot
Being choosy
The littlest Miss in the family on her first real hunt
All the cousins
The adorable cupcakes, courtesy of Aunt Christa
Super fun

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