Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yesterday Afternoon

About 4:00 yesterday I hauled the laundry upstairs so I could be where the boys were.
Benji was busy with legos.
I wanted to be with them.
Isaiah wanted assistance; Benji was imagining all sorts of things in his head.
He was making a helicopter top, which morphed into a rocketship and then a fireball shooter.
I sat, observing and folding.
I've been mulling over this quote for the past week or so:

"Whatever we achieve requires enormous work, which is the effort of life; 
and that work is never complete." 
(Gary Saul Morson)

I am happy in my work.
For me it is purposeful.
I love spending time trying to nurture: feeding their bodies and paying special attention to have tried to feed their souls every day.  It requires conscious parenting.
It challenges and inspires me because it's a worthy endeavor.
And it's also a lot of work.
And sometimes you feel as though you measure up.
And other days, you wish for those optimistic feelings.

I think about work from other individuals that has blessed my life.
My parents; what they provided and instilled in me.
But beyond that, now that I'm a parent now, I know that I wish for things for my own children that sometimes I feel I don't adequately provide -- even though I wish to be able to supply everything.
I know my parents wished for us.
And I believe those wishes in our hearts don't go unheard; I believe they have power.
And I think of Mr. C., willing to work like crazy now so that I can be with our kids.
These are blessings indeed.

I'm reminded of Elder Maxwell's talking about how even if work isn't a temporal necessity, it IS a spiritual necessity.

I agree with this deep down in my bones.
It doesn't ever end, but I love to work.

It's invigorating and challenging, makes you feel valued and needed.
At least, it does for me.

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