Friday, April 20, 2012

We Play Cards, and I'm So Excited...

I could write you a super long post about why I love my family.
Or why I love my sisters.
Or what's so hilarious about being with them, why I value it so much.
Or my grandparents, who I feel so blessed to know so well and have spent so much time with.

But this weekend, we will be having round two of something that almost runs in our blood.

A few months back we gathered for a Pinochle game at my Grandpa's.
Generations of die-hard card players, folks.
It's a part of our family, like air is to breathing.
We always do it when we're together.
On vacations or simply a quick hand after a family dinner.
Lots of stories about outbursts or truly dumb bidding moments, laughing hysterically over something (who knows what), football games on, cousins gathered, by the fire at the cabin years ago growing up.
These are some very good times, among some of my fondest memories.
Always some caffeine, popcorn, treats, and chocolate on hand.
Good laughs.
Thanks to Mom and Dad, for getting us involved in such fun, in linking us back thru generations.
There are sometimes tears from laughing so hard. 
(That happened last time.)

Sometimes a once-in-a-lifetime moment like getting 1500 trump.
(This also happened last time, as pictured below.)
I was the lucky gal's partner.
(Game won, instantly.  You play the game to 1500 points, which is reached right away if this happens.)

I've never had 1500 trump in my Pinochle playing years as yet, and this was her first time.
We shrieked and admired.

We literally cracked up, laughing so hard, over Christa making the surprised look, over and over, for everyone to take different camera shots.
(She'd go straight-faced and then burst into this surprised expression for the next flash -- which made us start laughing all over again.)
(Her laughing at herself, after all of her faking it, happy we were all so amused.  The initial moment was one of total freak out, tho.)

It was truly hilarious.

Then we had to gather on the couch and take a picture of all of us girls.
(Being goofy, because that's the sort of mood we were in after laughing for 10 minutes.)

It's really REALLY not a great picture of any of us, but forgive.
We love each other, and that's all that matters.

I'm looking forward to another round this weekend.

It's the best.

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