Thursday, April 19, 2012

Evening Swinging

Just a few short days back we came home one evening from dinner at Papa's house.
We walked into the backyard and hunted for the woodpecker we could hear from somewhere up high.
We spotted him and took turns watching -- and chuckling.
The kids and I have heard him for weeks now.
It was evening, and that light always leaves me spellbound.

She wanted to swing.
I swung her back and forth and snapped away.
I remembered how much I use to love to swing, propelling higher and higher into the air.
The way it literally felt as tho I could actually soar, as tho all dreams were within my grasp, as tho the world was a simple place.
I remember the way my stomach would drop as I headed down from peaking up there in the blue.

I watched this cute little face, back and forth.
Smiling, giggling.
Knowing that everything is before her.
Understanding, now, that this time will pass all too fast.
I want her to enjoy this magical time of childhood.
And I'm enjoying it, too.
So much, sometimes, it makes my heart even ache (or feel it might break).
I suppose that's the other side of love.
I watch her quietly, knowing that these are the moments that mean something.
That I can tuck these types of seconds away in my heart for safe keeping, for company when I need to remember something truly wonderful.

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