Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Being a Mom

It is a beautiful morning outside.
As I'm sitting here my little Meems is singing "Where is Thumkin?," a tribute to my mom.
To this day I still love watching my mom sing songs and do fingerplays with the kids.
Just one of many things I remember, like cold macaroni salad after an afternoon at the pool and walking home thru the park with long licorice ropes.
I love my mother.
She comes home in a month, and I can't wait!
My being-a-mom today?
school with the little Miss
folding a mountain of laundry
maybe some weeding
sidewalk chalk with the kids
and a round of Old Maid
read me some Stuart Little to the little people
sign up the kids for swimming lessons
firm up plans for next week

Hope you have a good Wednesday.

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