Friday, May 04, 2012

A Blessing to Come from Them

Yesterday as I was looking through pictures of Mia, I saw photos of my grandmothers.

If there is one thing I am grateful for, it is my Grandmas.  
It makes me emotional just thinking about it.
Years ago, I had noticed the text from a primary song that I hadn't learned as a child.
I put some handmade cards in the mail to my Grandmas with the words from the song, telling them how much I loved them.

I love my grandmothers.  
The meals they've prepared, the laughs we've shared.
The hours of conversation.
Card playing.
Spiritual testimony-sharing experiences.

I remember talking with my Grandma, talking with her about storing food.
How we started with seven case-lot items when we bought this house, the meager beginnings of food put away.
And I said to her, "And I don't know how it has happened, but now that room is full, Grandma."

We stood in the hallway, eyes glistening and moist.

The time they've spent with my children.
Tying the quilt my grandmother made for me, side by side, in her bedroom, some probably eighteen years ago.
Grandma's game food with the football game on.
Moments upon moments upon moments.

The love they give that no other person on earth can seem to match in quite the same way.
Truly, I thank God for my grandmothers.
It is a gift and an honor to come from them.
And yes, I do wish that every child could have grandmothers like mine.

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