Monday, June 11, 2012

In Which Our City Celebrates, and We Partake

We love the city celebrations that begin in the summer.  And this is the post in which I will chronicle a few events from our Saturday.

In which we go to the balloon fest at 6:30 in the morning and it is chilly, but fun.
Free donuts and drink, candy, balloons for the children (which we didn't get...oops), etc.
Small town, much more personal = so much fun.
In which we line up for the parade to start.
Here are all of our little peeps with all their cute neighborhood friend peeps.
I love this photo because I love all of these kiddos and our fantastic neighbors and friends.
In which we hold up a banner for our dear friend (Shout out to Scott!) who was on the trailer for this year marking their 20-year graduation from high school. 
I heart all the little peeps holding up the sign together as we tell him, 
(He knows we love him.)
And lastly, in which we go to the fireworks that night and freeze our buns off.
(Gotta love a cold front in June that just brings wind and cool temperatures.)
But they were still pretty, even tho it kind of reminded me of watching a moving screen:
big boom, beautiful colors, and the wind carried it away to the side just as the next ones would go off.
Pulling in the driveway after the fireworks with tired kids, we commented on what a fun and full day it had been.
Love, love, love.

(And, incidentally, THIS is being linked to a bunch on facebook so you may have already seen it.  BUT, if you haven't, it's so worth your time.  Such a lovely article in such an important and sensitive discussion.)

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