Friday, June 08, 2012

Weekend Excitement

 (Strawberries from the garden)

This morning I got up early to get out in my garden before the heat.
Normally I would be out there tomorrow morning, but we've been looking forward to this particular Saturday for weeks.

Tomorrow is the big day of our city's summer celebration, and it feels a bit like the 4th of July.

We're going to the balloon fest early in the morning followed by the parade. 
Mr. C.'s going to take the kiddos to a car show in the afternoon, and they're pretty stoked.
We're hosting a BBQ at dinnertime.
I'm looking forward to some backyard sparklers and water balloon volley with family.
(Getting ready to put the flag up on Memorial Day)

Maybe I'll make some cute cupcakes for the occasion.

Once it's dark, we're heading up to pick out our spot for the big fireworks.

Working out in the earth, eating melons that actually taste! good, corn on the cob, dinner out on the deck, sprinklers and green everywhere are making me so happy right now.

I do believe summer is here.

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