Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Means Time At the Lake

Every year we travel to the lake in the summer with my mother, my siblings and their families.
This year the men weren't able to be there much because of work, which was a bummer.
But we prevailed and had lots and lots of fun, nonetheless.
We play Pinochle and Scrabble.
Slather the children in sunscreen.
And eat some more.
And love being together.
Scrabble (I belong to a fierce group of scrabble-playing women.)
Mr. C. and Benj out "taking a dip," something Benji later told me was his favorite.
 Out in the boat with Uncle Martin (Isaiah, Mia, and June)
Oh-so-cute girlies
Boys who were pleased as punch when the oldest cousin there, 14-year-old Eden, painted their fingers and toes. Love that Eden and how good she is with kiddos.
Together, before leaving.
I never quite get over how much I love being with these women that are also my flesh and blood.

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