Monday, October 15, 2012

Classroom Love

After getting the kids into bed on Sunday night a week ago, Mr. C. and I wrote encouragement notes to the children to put as surprises in their school "mailboxes."  

(A couple weeks back I had them decorate cereal boxes to serve as their classroom message drop.  Maybe we'll upgrade at some point, but they serve quite well for now.)

I don't put something in them every day.

So far, it's just been once a week.

(I'm not about creating high expectations.)

But it's (hopefully) a fun way for me to tell them things I think they are making progress on in school, things they're accomplishing that I'm proud of.

Since we're trying to enjoy the festive feel around these parts, we made ghosts with suckers saying, "Boo!," and something about how "spooktacular" they are doing at this or that.
I asked Mr. C. if he'd write each of them a note about school, too.
He talked about things he'd noticed, or how proud he was of them.
I loved his messages.
One of my favorites was this:

"Keep up your love of learning and it will benefit you your entire life."
They have a great Dad, a blessing I'm counting.

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