Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wreath Love

Last Saturday night I made the project I've only been waiting to do since last year when it came out in one of the fall issues of this magazine.

Here is my counter, supplies all spread out, before I began:
A big black bowl, full of the water/dye mixture.
A roll of paper towels to put under wet, dyed corn husks.
Corn husks.
A straw wreath form.

The picture from the magazine makes all the corn husks look so uniform.
I started in and was nervous I wasn't going to like it, because some husks took the dye better than others.  There were striations that were more white than colored.

But ah, as they started to dry, I could tell.
And the next morning I knew.

It was gonna be a love.

Monday afternoon, I hung it up.
 (closer up, you can see the various colors in the striations)
It's now the harvest welcome for the front door.

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