Monday, October 08, 2012

Feels like Fall

A couple weeks back it was feeling especially Fall-ish on Tuesday.

It was overcast out, and cool.

The mountains had a blanket of fog on their shoulders, the way your breath looks when you blow it out on a winter morning.

Too good to stay home.

(The truth is, there are a lot of mornings that are too good to stay at home.  
The sad truth is, the mother (me) doesn't yield to it most of the time.)

We ate in haste.
I packed snacks.
Put school books and supplies in a bag.

We drove into the mountains, up to the cabin, away from the noise.
The rain on the road cut the dust; the gentler light made the colors even more vibrant.

Walking along that road, I kept thinking This is where it's at.

Yup, yup, yup.

So gorgeous this time of year.

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