Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Creeps

In this month of tricks and treats, there's one that keeps being played at our house.

Isaiah heard the story of his dad trying to play tricks on me with a fake spider years ago.  Leaving it in places for me to find, trying to startle me.  Ya know, that sort of thing.

A while back, Mr. C. bought another little friend at a dollar store, with the intent to go for another round.  

Isaiah, thoroughly amused, has made this his past time.  Like, pretty much every day.

The most frequent place I find it? 

In my jewelry box, with my earrings.
It creeps me out, but I love how much satisfaction and humor he is getting out of it, so I keep giving it back.

This morning I found it in the fridge.
This afternoon, he has it hidden underneath the books on my nightstand, ensuring my being startled at bedtime.
It's kinda crackin me up.

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