Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Some of My Top 10 List

 Snap shot of last night, once the house was quiet: the constant chattering and discussion of the dinner table was swept into hymn singing, religious discussion, followed by a game; there was ice cream and chapter book read-aloud, brushing of teeth, scripture reading, prayer, stories started on cds.

The kitchen was clean, the night air cool, the crickets talking outside.

Just a few nights ago, I had the privilege of attending this meeting.

Afterward, my dear friend and I walked for quite a while talking about life, about its challenges, about current questions we have, about balancing what is most important in your heart and trying to be a good Christian; in short, trying to live what you believe despite all of life's demands.

Towards the end of the discussion, the point was brought up that a change in perspective can mean everything.  That even amid life's challenges, it is vitally important to not lose sight of the myriad of blessings showered upon us, all the ways we can and should "shout for joy."
When I reflect on that phrase, there is much I can shout about.

Since homeschooling began in the house, the task of teaching has grown beyond moral lessons, religious instruction, or reading solely for pleasure.  (Although, isn't knowledge joy?)  The circle has grown to include numbers and letters, equations and words, reading, understanding, history, art projects -- the daunting task of trying to train, invite, and enlighten the mind.
(I feel so inadequate when I consider it this way.)

But when it comes to teaching matters of the heart?  
I might just love this the most.

I think anyone with children knows about those magical moments that hang in the air, almost tangible around you, like a cloak.

You know when you are discussing something with your children and you could hear a pin drop in the background?  Everyone is listening, totally focused, and you can literally feel the connection from your heart into theirs?

These conversations of the heart have to be close to the top of my top-10 list.

I love sharing what I feel is perhaps most important for them to know.

We are preparing for conference this weekend.  It is a special week, filled with anticipation.

Last evening, we talked about the Liahona that was given to the Nephites, mentioned in the Book of Mormon.  Counsel from prophets is our modern-day equivalent to that ancient guidance-giver.  I feel so deeply that we miss vitally important messages if we don't pay attention to it.  The Nephites missed crucial directions and instruction given to them, both temporal and spiritual, when they failed to see it as a special gift.

For me, messages from prophets of God might just be at the top of my top-10 list.

We're having a resurrection of sorts for this week.
An activity (or two) that focuses on conference prep each day, accompanied with an M&M afterward.

Sweet for the spirit, and sweet for the soul (that's how chocolate is for me, anyway).

(Chocolate's probably on my top-10 list, too.)

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