Saturday, February 01, 2014

Small Chubby Hands

I've got a sick baby who wants to be held.

Most. of. the. night.

Tonight Mr. C. was asleep against me and I was watching a show.
She'd been asleep for a few hours and I heard her start to cry.

I was anxious to pull her out and snuggle.

What did I notice?
Her big, beautiful blue eyes.

Her kinda crooked teeth.

Her unabashed, beautiful, wide, happy smile.

Warm cheeks.

The way she kept cuddling in.

Her growing awareness of the world and objects in it, including finding our belly buttons.
("Where's your button? Where's Mommy's?)
Oh man.

This sweet girl in her monkey pajamas.

At one point she huddled herself right onto my chest and just snuggled there.
I rubbed her back and let my arms circle her little body, and I wondered how many more times I will get as lucky as that.  

It is one of my most favorite things on earth.
Even tho her skin and bones and blood and shape came into being in my body,
these experiences with her are the moments that are shaping my heart.
And I know that time will keep running, like it always has.
And I know that things will keep changing; they always do.

So I hold on.

Knowing how fast of a ride I am currently on makes it sweeter still.

And, ya know -- it made me start snapping several photos in a row as she began to drift off to sleep again, trying to capture how adorable these little hands and this little person are to me.

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