Monday, February 03, 2014

Love Post

Have I mentioned before that I heart Sundays?
Cuz I do.

After church yesterday we gathered round to make our love post sacks.
Ya know...our own individual "mailboxes"
to serve as receptacles for love notes and treats
and lots of lovely nonsense to each other
from now until February 14th.

It is a favorite tradition here.
The table became a mess of tissue paper,
markers, crayons, bags, scissors, and glue.
Claire busied herself ripping tissue paper.

Then we had vegetarian taco soup with chips, sour cream and fresh chunks of avocado.

And after that, I headed out to a family history project collaboration and Mr. C. cleaned up, hung out with the kids, read to them, and got them in bed.

By the time I got home late, the house was asleep and all was quiet.
There was the aftermath on the table, a happy smattering.

I had to smile because there were already notes tucked down inside,
the beginning of expressing our love this February.

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