Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yesterday, in Pictures

Here are pieces of our day yesterday.

Math -- the boys working with equilateral triangles and beginning fractions,
 and Mia busy with grouping and counting and writing numbers.
 Claire, eating chocolate.  It keeps her happy.


 One of the things I love about homeschooling is moments like this.  Reading, taken outside, in the morning sunshine.  This guy sat and read Calvin and Hobbes for a long time, munching an apple.
 And this guy is almost done with a Boxcar Children book.
 Spelling worksheets
 Sunshine kisses
Reading Shakespeare from this book -- we began "The Merchant of Venice" yesterday
Got lunch for the kids and I made my green smoothie and retired to the front lawn with the newest issue of Martha Stewart Living that had just come in the mail.
I pored over the beautiful pages, looking at Thanksgiving recipes and desserts.
It made me wish I could call my dad to tell him about some of these lovely recipes I was looking at -- things I wanted to try.
He would have loved the beautiful photos, too.
We would have talked food together, like we often did.
Some late afternoon PB&J.  
Some things are just meant to be.
Mia asked if we could do her nails, using stick on nails that were in her stocking last Christmas.
We sat in light, streaming in through the big kitchen window.
 Isaiah got a lesson in orange roll making.  I was thinking cinnamon rolls, but he requested orange, and I'm so glad he did.  Yum.
 Evening bikeride.  It was glorious out.  Breezy.  Cool, but not cold.  
Super pleasant and peaceful.
Then, after biking, a walk in the wind. 

riding underneath golden trees
Then, eating of rolls.  With cold milk.
Ummm yes.
 Then, last night in the quiet, I sat in the front room, reading and thinking and writing.
And exchanging texts with a friend about the last good books we read and Harmons' grocery store's selection of chocolate.
And about that time I got a text from my sister with a picture of a bag of caramel filled chocolate chips, and she wrote: 

"Ummmm hello!!! Caramel filled chocolate chips?!?!"

And it made me laugh.  
(I think she and I might be related.)

I responded: 
"Haha! This made me laugh. Yes! Awesome!! Love! We must try!!!"

She said: 
"Yes.  Yes we must."

Some things are a must in my book -- reflected in yesterday's work.

Thinking about ideas
Time outside, in the glory of sunshine or the hush and quiet of evening
Kissing on those you love
Partaking of chocolate
Training your mind
Making good food, and sharing it with people you love
Doing things you enjoy

When I look at photos of a day like this, 
it helps me remember the rhythm of this time.
I really do love my life.

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