Monday, November 17, 2014


Last Thursday we had 
the first snow of the year.

And then I had to make fresh cookies.  

(Cuz, ya know, a snowy day is a good cookie day.)
One of the things I love about being home with my children is getting to watch them observe the world.  

I love their delight in simple things.
Listening in on their conversations.
Being the recipient of their observations, 
Watching them in imaginative play.
And being a part of all the "firsts."

Like this.

Before she went out in it, I got to watch 
Claire's big eyes and the way she stood at the window, looking out, 
watching the white flakes coming down.  
Watching her, I felt aware that, for her, 
she was seeing that beauty 
for the first time.

Seeing her wonder invites me 
to stand and marvel, too. 

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