Friday, January 30, 2015


This is my second post about her this week, but......
I am a bit obsessed with her.
The other night I nursed her to sleep and held her for a couple of hours on top of me, a warm, cozy, comfortable bundle, blissfully sleeping.
It makes my heart ache that my baby is more or less a little person at this point, not so much a baby.
I often wish I could bottle her up.
And the beautiful thing?
I have felt this way about each of my kids.
And, amazingly, as they get big, I love my time with them at each stage.
They grow into themselves, and I love getting to know them, as people -- not just as my children.
But.  This one.
I basically can't say no to her.
She loves Nutella and chocolate covered raisins.
She's a big fan of pebble ice (like her mom).
She talks up a storm and isn't at all shy.
She says hello to folks that won't even notice her.
She's sure of herself.  I can already see this.
Confident, opinionated, passionate, driven.
(Today about 1:00, sporting a swimsuit, 
drinking green smoothie with me.)
She changes her outfits several times a day, and it drives me crazy.
(Except that she's so cute.)
She cheeses all day long, and her smile is intoxicating.
She's funny and she knows it.
She's a tender heart.
She thinks she's 30.
She is a bundle of sass in a small body.
In a word?
She's delightful.
So very, very delightful.

She cocked her face at me this morning at the table, with happy spice in her eyes, and the phrase that came straight to my mind was something my dad would often say.  I said,

"You are a spicy meatball."
Cuz she really is.
I have serious love issues with this child.
Like, serious.

I'm off to fold laundry and prep dinner.
We've started a new Friday night tradition, something I'll blog about later.
Hope you have a lovely weekend, friends.

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