Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday afternoon

At 3:15 this afternoon I walked into the kitchen and found this on the counter.
 I opened it to find this: 
"I love you Mom," and signed by my gal.
She leaves me notes all the time.
Or other things, like when I came in from running yesterday and she had my smoothie bottle full of fresh water for me.
Or the way she'll fill my water cup full by my bed at night, cuz she knows I always take a big cup of water with me to bed.
She's thoughtful like that.

She makes me feel lucky to be her mother.

That was one buoyant thing this afternoon.
Another one? 

The boys have taken to listening to the radio in their room, and I can totally tell that it makes them feel cool, like adults.
(this pic is from 4 years ago)
It cracks me up.
Today, country music was blaring from their room.
It's so funny.  

And the last happy?
Making Belgian waffles for dinner.
Pouring the butter in here and I've set the batter out to rise while the Little Miss and I walk down to the post office to mail a letter.
Then, home for my dinner night date with Benji:
we're gonna whip cream,
chop strawberries, wash blueberries,
set the table, and then gather everyone 'round to eat.

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