Friday, January 02, 2015


Last night we rang in the New Year 
with a candlelight dinner.
I pulled out my grandmother's cream china and one of the blood-red tablecloths from my dad's collection.  

I made one of the kids' favorite meals along with "Christmas juice" -- Sprite mixed with Cran-Raspberry juice concentrate.

I put three lit candles in the middle of the table 
and more candles glimmered softly on the mantle.  
We toasted like crazy...

to the new year (Isaiah),
to something super happy happening for each one of us in the new year (me),
to parents (Mia),
to the new Star Wars movie coming out (Benji),
to having a house (Mia),
to warmth (Benji),
to getting a good kiss this year (me),
to life (Mia).

You get the idea.

The toasting was probably my favorite thing.

We also talked about things from last year, and Mia said something that I thought was profound.

"I've learned that hard things happen, 
but you just have to wait and get through it."


You get through amid the tears and hard times.
But friends and good food and laughter and bubbly make the going easier.

They sho do, yo.
No doubt.

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