Thursday, January 01, 2015

So Long, You

Dear 2014,
Last night I was by myself for a few hours while the kids were with their dad.

I went for a run and got home just as it was almost dark.
I turned on some music and cleaned up my house.
I sat down on the floor in the front room, trimming strings of yarn from these pom pom balls I had made over the previous 24 hours (102 of them, to be precise!).

Fireworks were going off from a neighborhood across my street.

I felt really quiet inside, and a little sad.

My, what a year you were.
I'm not gonna lie...I am not feeling at all bad to kiss you goodbye.

Except that...
my baby is growing up, and there was a lot of beautiful there this year.
My list of things-I'm-grateful-for is about a million miles long.
During your twelve months, I've learned lessons I can't put a price tag on.
I have loved and been loved, have four walls around me to keep the cold out, friends, and things that make me laugh every day.
And even tho I have cried more tears than I care to count, I've also found joy, peace, goodness, light and hope.
And I've learned that God keeps His promises.

So yeah.
If I make a reckoning this way, you weren't bad.
I might not wish you back again, but I'd never give up what you've taught me or how you've changed me.

I stayed up into the middle of the night finishing the wreath and then taking Christmas down, which always makes me feel a bit nostalgic.  
Here it is, on the mantle this morning.
I am enjoying the freak out of color.
I'm kind of hoping that 
it's a shout out in advance for 
how awesome 2015 is gonna be.

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