Thursday, February 26, 2015

Big Brother

As a mom, you watch different relationships among your children.

I've watched these two ever since she was born.
Everyone around here loves Claire.
Come to think of it, they're all pretty tight.
We all like to be together.


This little gal depends on this big brother.
She adores him.
There's something special between them.
She goes to him for comfort, she calls to him if she needs help.
Just the other day, when I was irritated about something, Isaiah is the one that heard her, discontent, and came to solve the issue.  Asked her to show him what the matter was.

I see this as being something they'll treasure.
And if they ever forget, I'll tell them.

I truly believe that we are sent here, in families, with people who were meant, 
specifically, to be with us.
Sure resonates as I watch these two.

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