Friday, February 27, 2015

Silver Linings

Just this evening, I've been thinking about blessings.
Let me count them for you today.

The children and I attended a play this morning, and after running a few errands, arrived home.
And locked the keys in the car.
(A surefire no-go to getting in the house, or much of anywhere, seeing as how the car keys were locked in the car, too.)
I was flustered about having to spend $45 to get my keys again (feels like pouring money down the drain), but there wasn't much choice in the matter.
And, at the end of the day it's just money, and nothing more.
Since there wasn't much to do about it, might as well just carry on.

It was while waiting for the locksmith to arrive, outside, cold, and needing to use the bathroom, that the kids found a whole cache of eggs underneath the deck.
We've seen Cuss going under there, and some of the others too, but hadn't yet discovered their secret. 
Isaiah said there was "a whole mountain," as he pulled out one, and then another, and another.
Benji said, "Cuss must be in season!" which totally cracked me up.
 They found two more in the nesting box, and we came away with 20 eggs.
To me, that basket represented beauty and bounty and wonder.
My heart was fairly skipping.
$45 came and went and the day went on, too.

The house has been cold the last while, and I finally looked at my thermostat the other day and realized our furnace has been acting quirky.  
Set for 70, but the house was 58 degrees.
So, this afternoon, our furnace guy came.
Cleaned a part, put it back in, wouldn't charge me a dime, and we had a nice conversation besides.

Got a text from another friend about a couple potential job leads.
(The same woman who watched all four of my kids yesterday -- just so I could attend the temple.)
I felt hugged.
The afternoon sunshine was streaming in the house (sunshine! light! peace!) and my gals and I painted our toes while listening to tunes and snapped some silly photos.  
The boys were off playing.
A friend (who knows my love of chocolate and ice cream well) showed up, randomly, 
with chocolate gelato, just because.
We talked about my looking for work, about faith, 
about struggles in her family, about life.
And when she left, as I tried that super delicious ice cream,
I loved how the little chocolate shavings that dusted 
the top of the ice cream crunched in my mouth.
And it was so creamyAnd chocolateyAnd so heartwarming.
And when it comes from warm hands and a warm heart, 
it soothes more than just your tongue and your belly.

And then. It's after 6:00 and we are hurrying out the door 
to the boys' blue and gold banquet for scouts.
I am flustered at the boys for fighting, and I'm impatient.
I get the kids out to the car, realize I got two different shoes for Claire instead of a matching pair, and head back into the house to get the match.
Grab it.
Step back outside.
Shut the back door.
Go to grab my keys.

No keys.


Locked out.


(I don't know if I've personally ever called for a locksmith in my life.  Maybe once? And if so, it was yeeeears ago.  But this?  Twice?  And in ONE day??!)
I felt so flustered.
And embarrassed.
But what was there to do?

I called.  The kids knew I was flustered, but we ended up having a similar discussion that we had that morning. ("Oh well...what are we going to do about it?  
Might as well just carry on.")
We sat in the cold car, darkness settling in, 
waiting for the same locksmith to come back again.
(The locksmith who was leaving his own wife 
and kiddos to come on a Friday night, mind you.)
We opened the bag of chips that we had to take with us to the banquet, forfeiting that plan all together by that point.
I mentally prepared myself for his arrival and my embarrassed laughter.

He came, had us in the house in three minutes, and there were my keys, at the bottom of the shoe basket. But then.

Waaaaaaaait for it.

He said, "I'm going to give you a deal." 
(Something I totally hadn't asked for.  I was ready to hand him my card.)

The deal?
Go online, give them a good review, and we'd call it good.
"Everyone deserves a break, and I live up the street.  
Let's just call it a neighborly gesture."

I was stunned.

And came inside feeling inspired and uplifted.
So happy --- so much so that I wanted to share.

There is goodness in the world.
And wonder.
In chicken eggs on a cold day.
In service, freely given.
In kindness from virtual strangers.
In neighborly gestures.

There's beautiful light in this world.

These thoughts, swirling in my head and warming my heart, are going to put me to sleep so much the cozier tonight.

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